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The Story Behind Linkin Park

Linkin Park is a popular band, and hundreds, if not thousands, download music videos from the group every day. If you are one who loves to watch music videos of this group, take some time to learn a little more in-depth information about the group and its members.

History of Linkin Park

The band started with Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, and Rob Bourdon, three high school friends from California who enjoyed playing together. After graduation, they decided to see how far they could take their group, and then recruited three new members: Joe Han, Dave Ferrell, and Mark Wakefield. The new group gave themselves the name "Zero" and began to record and produce their own songs. The original songs were produced in Mike's bedroom studio, but they were struggling to land a record deal.

As with many similar bands, the lack of success led to tension. This caused two of the members to leave. First to leave was Wakefield, who was Xero's vocalist, followed by Farrell, who went on to tour with other groups.

The group had to recruit a new vocalist, and they turned to Chester Bennington. His unique singing style landed him a spot, and the new group changed its name to Hybrid Theory. As the band came back to life, it changed its name again to Linkin Park.

Still, the band continued to struggle. They turned to Jeff Blue, vice president of Warner Bros. Records, who had referred Chester Bennington to them in the past. With his help, they signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records in 1999, and their first successful album Hybrid Theory, was released in 2000.

The first album contained much of the work from the group over the last ten years. Music fans enjoyed it, and it sold over 4.8 million records its first year. Singles from the album were popping up all over the place, including several hit movies. The album was nominated for three Grammies, winning the Grammy for the best hard rock performance, which solidified the band's popularity.

Over time, bassist Dave Farrell rejoined the group, and they published the remix album Reanimation, which earned second spot on the Billboard 200. This opened the band to touring, and in 2002 the band released its third album, Meteora, which featured a variety of styles.

Between 2004 and 2006, the band rested from recording for a while, allowing its members to work on side project while the group did some tours. Linkin Park came back together in 2006 to record Minutes to Midnight, which was not released until November of 2008 due to the band's busy tour schedule.

Trivia About Linkin Park

- The band is named after Lincoln Park in Santa Monica
- The Linkin Park song Leave out All the Rest was played in the movie Twilight
- Shadow of the Day is the first music video produced by Linkin Park that did not feature the entire band
- The first show the band performed was at The Whisky
- The What I've Done video is the most popular among YouTube users who download music videos online
- The band owns its own record company, which is called "Machine Shop Records"
- The band's most popular song is "In the End" from Hybrid Theory
- The album cover for Hybrid Theory was designed by Mike
- The band's music is considered Nu-Metal and Rapcore
- Meteora's name came from a set of monasteries in Greece

By knowing a little more about the group, downloading music videos of Linkin Park will be much more enjoyable. The group continues to make new music, so new music videos will continue to be produced for avid fans to enjoy.


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