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Good Running Songs

There are many people that say you should not run with music. But, I feel it's safe as long as you have the volume at a decent level. You don't have to listen to it at the level of being in person at a rock concert! When I listen to music, I can hear cars and sounds around me.

So, now that we've established that it's alright to run with music - we need to talk about what music is good to run to. There are some great running songs out there and here are some of my favorites. These songs can get me going when the going may get tough.

1. Theme From Rocky. All runners should have this on their playlist. I can't tell you how many times I've been at a tough time in a longer run - or during a hill workout, when the Theme From Rocky suddenly starts playing. By the way, I do believe my iPod is psychic. It seems to know when I need to hear something motivating. Anyway, this song just pumps me up and gets me going strong again.

2. Eye Of The Tiger. Same thing. The beat and the message just gets you going.

3. The Champion In Me. I really like this song. I feel that all of us that are out there on the roads everyday are champions. So, how appropriate is this song?

4. Going The Distance. Also, a Rocky song. This is from one of the later movies - but I really like this song and it helps me along.

5. Nothin' But A Good Time. Not really sure why this song gets me going but it does. Love the beat and I guess I'm just having a good time when I'm running!

6. I'm So Excited. Nothing like a good beat by the Pointer Sisters to get the blood pumping.

7. Perfect Day. This song just makes me feel good. Like when I'm running it's got to be a perfect day!

8. Walking On The Sunshine. Once again - another song that just makes me feel good all over.

9. Living On A Prayer. Love Bon Jovi - and love this song.

10. Anything by KISS, REO Speedwagon or Journey. Love my thumping 70′s arena rock. And, the beat does keep you moving.

And, now I'll admit to music that I love to listen to on the run - OK, anytime. Disco music. Now, once you stop laughing - read on. Disco music has a great beat which helps on your runs. Also, it will help you with your moods when you're not on the run. You can be having a bad day, a disco song starts playing and you instantly start feeling better and getting out of your funk. It does work. Continue your laughing now!

Well, that's some of my favorite songs that gets and keeps me moving while on the run.


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